What is a G.U.T. connector?

G.U.T. connector (reg. Patent) is a new development for the rational and cost-effective positioning of system elements.
The connector is made if high-strength polyamide, which can be recycled without any difficulty. It is fixed by means of customary 6-mm-thick.

Demo-Video G.U.T. in action:

New G.U.T.-Connector Brochure:

brochure-g.u.t.-connector.pdf [410 KB]
prospekt-g.u.t.-montageverbinder.pdf [373 KB]

The G.U.T. assembly connector is characterized by the following attributes:


The assembly can be positioned as required in a keyway with a depth of 17mm and a width of 31mm. If necessary, a small piece of a spring can also be inserted to align the element in a central position. The G.U.T. assembly connector can be positioned with either the following described template or by means of simple measurement. Vertically, the connector exhibits a play of +/- 7 mm to accommodate any possible assembly tolerances. The connector has an overall length of 290 mm To facilitate precise location of the element, the distance between the Inner edge of the upper or lower flange and the connector must be 100 mm. The keyway can be positioned in the latter or in a supplementary Screw-attached support. If necessary, an additional keyway can also be Milled for a jointing ring.


We can supply a template made of MDF material for the precise and rational assembly of the connector.

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